Rendezvous at the South Fork

An RV park on the South Fork of the Snake River


Milepost 380, US Hwy. 26, Swan Valley, Idaho         

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Swan Valley, Idaho Area Recreation Information


     The community of Swan Valley is located along the banks of the South

Fork of the Snake River which is considered one of the best dry-fly fisheries in

North America.

     Palisades Reservoir, at the southern end of the valley, is ideal for fishing,

water skiing, camping, and sailing.

     This small, scenic river valley is surrounded by the Caribou and Targhee

National Forests.  Anglers, hikers, campers, hunters, skiers, and snowmobile

enthusiasts visit Swan Valley to enjoy the year-round activities.

     Another attraction to the Swan Valley area is the abundant wildlife.  Part of the Yellowstone ecosystem, the Swan Valley area is home to elk, white tail and mule deer,

moose, bear, mountain lions and mountain goats.

     For ornithologists, the area's large populations of eagle, osprey, swan,

sand crane, geese, ducks and numerous other species, provide endless hours

of bird watching.


      Jackson Hole, Wyoming, home of the Grand Teton National Park and the

world-famous Grand Teton Mountain Range is a short 45-minute through majestic mountain passes.  A few miles north of Jackson is the entrance to Grand

Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park just beyond. 


An RV Park, Motel, & Fly Shop, 

South Fork of the Snake River,

Swan Valley, Idaho